Real-time trailer tracking,
dock monitoring, and gate automation

Manual shipping and receiving processes can take up to six hours to “turn around” a trailer.
58% of all yard management efforts utilize manual check-in/ checkout/ monitoring processes that are cumbersome and mistake-prone.

There Is A Better Alternative:

Litum RTLS System

Next Generation Yard Management RTLS System


Gain visibility of the entire yard and know exactly where everything is located to within a meter distance

Automate check-in and checkout at gates, entry points

Direct trailers to the available docks or parking space; reducing delays in loading & unloading

Locate and track truck drivers, contractors

How it works?

UWB based active RFID technology in the form of a durable, rechargeable tag is assigned to each vehicle and person right at the point of entry. Our IP67 outdoor tags and tag readers that create a “mesh positioning network” which covers your entire yard and can locate each RTLS tag with sub-meter accuracy.

Litum yard management software processes all location data and can be customized to meet your company’s business rules. Yard managers will be able to monitor yard access and movement in real-time, giving them full visibility of every trailer, driver, and employee in the yard and allowing them to make quick, correct decisions.

Our Active RFID RTLS System Tracks Trailers and Their Drivers

With Litum yard management RTLS system, you will be able to monitor the location of all drivers and vehicles on a live digital map. This accurate, real-time overlay makes tracking individual personnel and trailers a cinch. As vehicles enter the facility, the digital map will display their arrival and the path they follow to arrive at assigned destination thanks to RFID tags on the drivers and vehicles.
Get full visibility of every trailer, driver, and employee in the yard
and make quick, correct decisions


  • We locate trailers and drivers with sub-meter accuracy on a live digital facility map; not just control entry and exit points
  • Our readers are IP67 protected and can resist outdoor conditions
  • Our readers will only require power connection. Their form their own mesh network and can work without network connectivity to each reader
  • Our tags have embedded motion sensors; we can tell if the person is wearing his badge or not
  • Our tags are equipped with emergency buttons for location aware help calling

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