Locate & track employees, visitors, contractors
from long range in real-time. Improve workplace safety.

Monitoring the movement of employees, visitors, contractors and ensuring that they don’t violate any business rules is vital to keeping operations safe while ensuring safety & security.
Knowing when an employee falls and doesn’t move can save lives by sending immediate medical assistance but lone workers often have difficulty raising an alarm.

There Is A Better Alternative:

Litum Real Time Employee Tracking & Safety System

Enhanced safety, security, and efficiency with Litum RTLS System


Create geo-fences and send automatic alerts in case of violations

Enforce company-specific business rules

Monitor lone worker activity and get help fast in cases of emergency

Record history of people movements in and around your facility

Save in overpaid time, business losses, theft, accidents

How it works?

Litum integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) active RFID technology into rechargeable, panic button-equipped badges distributed to all personnel. These RFID badges work in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network, installed throughout your facility to create an invisible “indoor GPS system” that monitors every person’s location with sub-meter accuracy.

You’ll be able to improve access to sensitive areas for qualified employees, while also sending automatic alerts when people enter areas where they aren’t allowed. Our RFID Personnel Tracking System provides the ability to see exactly where the transgression occurred and sends alerts to the appropriate staff members and security.

Improved Safety For Lone Workers

  • Litum RTLS badges are equipped with panic buttons and it is easy to send a distress signal in duress
  • Knowing exactly where your staff is in the building can save lives in case of an emergency
  • Automated notification system triggers alerts in case of prolonged personnel inactivity

How Employee RTLS Replaces
Legacy Time Attendance Systems?

Litum personnel tracking system provides constant monitoring of employee location. You’ll know when they walk in the door, when they get to a workstation, and when they leave for breaks or after the workday ends. All this data is automatically stored and can be used to calculate employee hours. This allows businesses to reduce the amount of non-value added time that might appear on a traditional timecard, thus helping cut unnecessary payroll costs.

No matter what your facility’s size is or how you currently operate, our real-time staff tracking system can help improve workflow and workplace safety


  • We locate your employees with sub-meter accuracy, no matter how big is the area
  • Our tags have embedded motion sensors; we can tell if the person is wearing his badge or not
  • Our tags are elegant & easy to use; they’re designed as a sleek replacement for traditional ID badges
  • Our tags are equipped with emergency buttons that allow for location aware help calling

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