Our real time location systems help you gain visibility on critical resources & improve workflows

Improve workflows 

Improve safety

Improve utilization

Industry 4.0 has arrived – but it remains a pipe dream for many manufacturers


Managers are under pressure to improve operational efficiency through the use of IoT technologies and to avoid falling behind the competition the 4th revolution of industry. Litum can help by giving a big picture view of facility operations, eliminate many of the manual  processes, and provide better utilization of all critical resources.

Be the first in your market to leverage Industry 4.0 and develop a new competitive advantage


Our industrial IoT solutions capture real-time location and real-time status data from
your equipment & employees and turn them into actionable insights


Since 2004, Litum has been helping many global manufacturers realize gains in efficiency


Monitor real-time forklift movement inside the facility

Improve workflows, utilization based on smart analytics

Keep track of actual operating hours


Eliminate the cost and error in asset inventory

Instantly locate any equipment, enjoy a real-time asset inventory

Reserve an asset to a project, prevent downtime due to lack of equipment


Monitor and direct truck traffic to reduce wait times

Improve loading/unloading times, and throughput

Track trailers (together with their drivers) from check-in to checkout


Prevent forklift collisions

Enforce skill levels to operate certain machinery

Monitor lone workers, create automatic alerts in case of an emergency


Monitor work hours based on each line, department

Optimize workflows and reduce overhead

Create geofences, manage perimeter access control rights


Get instant headcount at muster points

Determine missing employees

Improve regulatory compliance

Regardless of industry and budget we have a RTLS solution for you

Litum RTLS systems are working in various manufacturing environments, including automotive, home appliances, food and beverage, electrical. Our systems work with UWB & BLE beacon technologies, offering flexibility in system design and RTLS system cost.

Our RTLS systems keep running during power outages at emergency situations. We form multiple mesh networks inside your facility and if any part of the system goes down, an alternative system is immediately enacted to keep the system alive for 12 hours without external power.



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Litum RTLS Products

Kiwi Tag

Ideal for staff, indoor assets & equipment

IP55 protection

Tamper evident

Rechargeable battery

Battery life up to 6 months

Panic button

Motion sensor

Coco Tag

Ideal for staff, outdoor assets & equipment

IP67 protection – water and dust resistant

Tamper evident

Rechargeable battery & charging dock

Battery life up to 1 year

Panic button

Motion sensor

Badge Tag

Ideal for office workers

Replaces traditional badge cards with photo ID

2 programmable buttons

Rechargeable battery through the micro USB port

3 months with a single charge

Built in RFID tag for access control system compatibility

Motion sensor

Vehicle Tag

IP67 protection

Rechargeable battery OR power connection to vehicle battery

GPS module for wide area outdoor applications

Engine on/off sensor

Optional driver ID card reader

Optional GSM module to eliminate reader installation (where reliable signal coverage exists)

Mini Reader

IP55 protection

Ideal for indoor & short range applications

Back-up battery that lasts 4 hours without external power

Maxi Reader

IP67 protection – water and dust resistant

Wide area coverage

Multiple options (built in alarm siren, temperature, humidity and gas sensors)

Back-up battery that lasts 12 hours without external power