A real-time display of equipment stocked in each vehicle


The manual or barcode based inventory processes for vehicles is time consuming
and error prone due to miscounted items, human errors, or damaged-lost checklists, and they create a lot of overhead.


Automated & Real-Time In-Vehicle Inventory Tracking


Our system validates inventory in each vehicle together with the location of all vehicles in your fleet.


You get real-time updates and alerts through our software if the real time inventory data is different that the expected one inside the vehicle.


In-vehicle inventory management use cases

● EMS Vehicle Equipment
● Airport Maintenance Vehicle Equipment
● Roadside Service Fleets & Tow Truck Equipment
● Industrial Tools & Equipment Trucks Inventory
● Merchandise Shipments in Trailers



Eliminate the time & cost spent on manual inventory

Instantly know when vehicles need restocking

Prevent equipment loss & theft

See vehicle inventory and vehicle location at a glance with 100% accuracy

Locate equipment which requires inspection, maintenance, or replacement

Verify all gear is accounted for prior to leaving a scene in emergency vehicles


The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We attach a beacon to every equipment and inventory that needs to be tracked. Litum’s Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) receives the signals from each BLE beacon, and sends the data to Litum Inventory Management Software. The communication is done through the GSM network. The VCU is equipped with a GPS module, and also sends the vehicle location to the software. Our software validates and monitors the levels of in-vehicle inventory

Prevent Equipment Loss

  • Institute usage control mechanisms to prevent valuable equipment loss or damage.
  • Set up alerts that sound when equipment is removed, and only stops when returned.
  • Get reports to track inventory, maintenance, vehicle movements, and more.



  • Our system integrates in-vehicle inventory management and GPS vehicle tracking
  • We use standard BLE beacons that can be obtained anywhere
  • There are no monthly charges or hidden fees to use our system (except for the GSM data line)

Learn how you can cut down on the cost & effort of in-vehicle inventory management!

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