Forklift Tracking RTLS & Collision Avoidance System

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Forklift tracking system from Litum IoT helps make better use of your forklifts and lifting equipment,
cut down on accidents & wasted man hours.

Purchase or leasing of forklifts, their maintenance, charging and the expense of extra workers to operate them are a big investment to your business.
Forklifts are involved in collisions and accidents due to the risky nature of driving a heavy-duty equipment
while also carrying a bulky load.

Improve efficiency & workplace safety by tracking your forklifts
with sub-meter accuracy.


Monitor forklift & lifting truck usage, increase utilization

Optimize forklift capacity & routes

Prevent collisions

Record history of forklift operations

How it works

Litum integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) active RFID technology into battery powered active RFID tags installed on forklifts and lifting equipment. These forklift tracker tags work in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network, installed throughout your facility to create an invisible “indoor GPS system” that monitors every forklift’s location with sub-meter accuracy.

The signals from each forklift tracking tag are converted into location data using various algorithms such as time difference of arrival, time of flight, and trilateration. The location of each vehicle and its operator is then sent on to our RTLS application software that is installed on your servers, where they are interpreted and displayed in an easy to understand manner.

With Litum IoT forklift tracking RTLS system you’ll know where vehicles are at anytime.
Therefore you’ll be able to generate usage and activity reports,
visual spagetthi diagrams, analytics.

For improved safety: Collision Avoidance

Forklift tracking RTLS system with collision and proximity alert can provide a constant 360 degree awareness of nearby people.
Our software triggers alerts with a visual and an audible signal when the forklift comes close to another forklift or person.
This gives the operator plenty of time to slow or reach a complete stop to avoid forklift collision.



  • We locate assets and personnel with sub-meter accuracy, no matter how big is the area
  • Our tags have embedded motion sensors; you will know if the person is wearing his badge or not.
  • Our tags can be powered up by the battery of the forklifts, eliminating the need of battery replacement and charging.