Knowing exactly who is in the building at the time of an emergency can save lives!

Determining who is at the assembly points and who could still be inside the building in case of a natural disaster or an emergency is a challenging task.
Many employers have developed evacuation procedures but it is not efficient to identify who is missing by counting people manually.

There Is A Better Alternative:

Litum RTLS System

Our RTLS system instantly counts employees at muster points from long range & reports who is missing within seconds.

The Most Reliable System In The Market To Account for Personnel Following An Evacuation


Automatically download the attendance sheets every 15 minutes and account for every personnel, visitor, contractor

Use your tablet or smart phone to count people

Check the counts against the most recent attendance sheet and report who’s missing in a second

Eliminate manual processes, panic

Ensure regulatory compliance

How it works?

Litum integrates BLE Beacon and active RFID technology into rechargeable electronic ID badges distributed to all personnel. These badges transmit unique signals including the identity of each person wearing them. They can be read by tablets or smart phones from up to 50 meters.

Our system also integrates with your time & attendance software to automatically refresh the attendance list every 15 minutes. It then compares the tag readings with the most recent attendance sheet and determines who’s missing.

You’ll be able to improve regulatory compliance and safety by eliminating manual procedures to count and identify people.
Our system runs on cloud servers and communicate through GSM infrastructure, therefore it does not require a network or power connectivity. It Therefore it works uninterrupted during power outages and network failures.

Uninterrupted Safety

  • Litum personnel badges are equipped Beacon technology and can be read by standard tablets or smart phones, eliminating power connection, specific protocols, and hardware requirement
  • Our systems run on cloud servers and communicate using GSM infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation during emergency situations

Litum IoT can provide crucial benefits to manage employee evacuations and to improve compliance


  • We track and report all personnel regardless of the number of muster points and the size of the area
  • Our system doesn’t require power and network connection and is guaranteed to work in case of an emergency
  • Our tags are elegant & easy to use; they’re designed as a sleek replacement for traditional ID badges
  • Our system can work on Cloud through GSM connection, which improves reliability

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