Litum IoT provides indoor positioning & real time
wireless tracking systems for industrial applications

Track Anything, Anyone

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Litum RTLS system helps improve workforce optimization & workplace safety through precise monitoring of employees from long range

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Tracking forklifts to improve utilization, route planning and collision avoidance

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Providing a real time asset inventory with location and status to improve availability, utilization

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How Litum RTLS System Works?

Our indoor positioning and wireless tracking systems operate on Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) RFID frequency that provide the highest levels of sensitivity with sub-meter location accuracy.

The signals from each one of our wide variety of RTLS RFID tags (transponders) – suitable for staff, asset, equipment and vehicle monitoring – are processed by proprietary mesh network that consists of anchors (readers) and gateways (routers). The information is then transmitted to our RTLS software – where locations are calculated and all zone control and alert management functions are managed.
Thousands of anchors and tags can operate in wide areas without limitation.

Committed to Your Operational Efficiency & Safety



Providing visibility of equipment and production, improving employee safety, managing underground traffic/signalization

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Improving control over ground support equipment, assets, maintenance crews, and employees

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Bringing you the power of Industry 4.0 for informed decision making, better resource management, Health & Safety

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Improving efficiency, reducing costs by keeping actual work hours, real time reporting of equipment inventory of each job site

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Our Industrial RTLS Systems

  • Are fully scalable and simply installed
  • Utilize tamper-evident tags that automatically trigger alerts

  • Support BLE 5 technology to reduce RTLS system cost & flexibility
  • Are built to operate during power outages, ensuring maximum safety

Know the position & status of your critical resources at all times

Our UWB RTLS system enables you to locate and track key resources like assets, lifting equipment, containers, WIP items, and employees
within your premises in real-time with highest accuracy. You get automatic and continuous feedback that will help improve planning, workflows, safety.

Your Benefits

Reduce overpaid time

Litum IoT wireless tracking system helps mitigate ongoing resources and labor in order to eliminate unnecessary ones

Improve asset utilization

Instantly locate anything with our UWB RTLS tracking system. Monitor asset usage and collect/analyze data to reduce unnecessary procurements and rentals

Improve safety & security

Monitor lone workers, create automatic alerts in case of an emergency. Ensure use of equipment by certified operators. Create geo-fences around sensitive areas and monitor access

Improve workflows

Monitor wasted time roaming the workplace for non-value add tasks, journeys made to retrieve assets & raw materials. Highlight instances where there is displacement of production flow

Our Customers

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We Make It Easy For You To
Discover The Power Of Industry 4.0

  We will determine the requirements of your project and deliver a complete Real Time Location System design

 We will provide you with the precise UWB RTLS tags and anchors that are ideal for your wireless tracking system

 We will provide empowering RTLS software that gives you complete control and operational visibility

 We will install and configure the system without disrupting your business

 We will work with you to integrate our tracking system to your existing ERP

 We will provide training, ongoing system support, and extended warranty

We Provide Solutions to 35 Countries Around the World

Litum IoT is part of Litum Group who delivers RFID, IoT, and software solutions to many large companies and governments around the world since 2004.
Wherever your business is located, we can provide local services and support to make your IoT project a story of success.

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