Steady, Reliable Asset Tracking
In Real-Time

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Can you find your tools, equipment, assets when you need them?

Manual or barcode based inventory processes are time consuming and open to errors.
Passive RFID asset management systems don’t provide real-time asset location or any information about their status.

Don’t Just Count Your Assets!
Attain A Real-Time Inventory, Know The Condition & Location Of All Your Assets At Once.

Never search for lost or misplaced items

Cut down on man hours and time-wasted for asset tracking

Improve asset location accuracy & availability

Automate asset check-in, checkout

Improve compliance

Monitor asset movement, improve safety

How it works?


Litum integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) active RFID technology into battery powered active RFID tags installed on all assets & equipment. These tags work in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network, installed throughout your facility to create an invisible “indoor GPS system” that monitors every assets location with sub-meter accuracy.

The signals from each tag are converted into location data using various algorithms such as time difference of arrival, time of flight, and trilateration. The location of each asset and equipment is then sent on to our RTLS application software that is installed on your servers, where they are interpreted and displayed in an easy to understand manner.

With Litum’s active RFID asset tracking system improve availability by real-time movement tracking,
save time & money on loss and theft prevention.

Enjoy a real-time asset inventory

Litum Asset Tracker keeps an eye on your assets by tracking multiple identifying factors,
such as the location, department, cost center, maintenance schedule, or person they’re assigned to.
Unlike passive RFID asset tracking systems, our active RFID RTLS system can keep track of your entire facility at the same time,
allowing it to spot assets instantaneously.


We locate your high value assets and equipment with sub-meter accuracy, no matter how big is the area.

Our tags have embedded motion sensors; we can tell if the asset is in use or idle.

Our tags are tamper evident; we can trigger alerts if the tags are removed without authorization