We harness the awesome power of RTLS
and put it to work for you

Our smart IoT solutions improve visibility, safety,
and efficiency like never before.

What Litum IoT does

Litum IoT provides real-time location based solutions – RTLS – optimized
for demanding industrial environments. At Litum, we are
committed to your operational efficiency and safety above all.


Litum IoT – RTLS, RFID, and M2M solutions help you maximize asset
ROI, improve employee workflow, and
maintain a safer facility. Mines, manufacturing facilities, airports,
and more can all benefit from our technology – and our global
partner network in over 30 countries is here to serve you.

Who we are

Litum IoT is a subsidiary of the Litum Group, an international
leader in developing RFID systems and solutions.

Since its establishment in 2004, Litum has amassed an
impressive client list globally – working with big names like
Philip Morris, Fiat, Schneider Electric, Tetra Pak, and many
government institutions. Litum IoT’s solutions are ideal for
companies with large physical environments, challenging
environmental conditions, and extensive amount of assets and
equipment. Litum IoT manufactures all products in-house.

Where we are

Litum IoT is a trademark of Litum Group, with headquarters in Turkey.
Litum is truly global – maintaining and active, ready-to-assist partner network in over 30 nations at 5 continents.


We’re expanding every day!

What else we do

Healthcare RTLS solutions, RFID solutions, systems integration,
and software development are just a few of our other business


We’re also constantly exploring additional industry verticals
which our IoT solutions can directly benefit.

Our tech at a glance

Litum IoT products combine Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology to take full
advantage of the burgeoning capability of the Internet of Things


Our solutions are designed to make everyday working assets –
including personnel, equipment, and tools – “smarter” and more
positively impactful to your business operations.

Find out how Litum IoT can help you